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Riggers - Topstays/Backstays

All prices are for units of 1 piece, except where stated otherwise.
Prices are in GBP£ and do not include VAT or delivery.

Topstays are made from 2 parts, the long pipe and extender. The long pipe is lightweight for scull and heavyweight for sweep, but the same design for ALL boat types, except is different for bow and stroke side. It needs to be cut to the right length by the customer.
Long pipe for scull topstay with 8.5mm hole
Material: Aluminium
Standard for Swift: 03/2011~
£ 10.00
Rig40-scb/bowside (no hose clips)
Rig40-scs/strokeside (no hose clips)
Long pipe for sweep topstay with 8.5mm hole
Material: Aluminium
Standard for Swift: yes
£ 10.00
Rig40-swb/bowside (no hose clips)
Rig40-sws/strokeside (no hose clips)
There are different extenders for different boats, but bowside and strokeside are the same. For details about which extender is needed for which boat, please see the chart on the "extender" page.
Extender for topstay (incl. 2 of Rig42 and 1 of Rig43)
Material: Aluminium
Standard for Swift: yes
£ 12.00
Rig41-10.0/ with 10.0 degree bend
Rig41-12.5/ with 12.5 degree bend
Rig41-18.0/ with 18.0 degree bend
Rig41-22.1/ with 22.1 degree bend
Rig41-24.1/ with 24.1 degree bend
Rig41-30.3/ with 30.3 degree bend
Rig41-32.4/ with 32.4 degree bend
Rig41-34.5/ with 34.5 degree bend
Hose Clip (for fastening topstays)
Material: Stainless
Standard for Swift: yes
£ 1.80
Clamp for extender (black)
Material: Nylon
Standard for Swift: yes
£ 1.00