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Hatches, bowballs & others - Cross stays for 1s

All prices are for units of 1 piece, except where stated otherwise.
Prices are in GBP£ and do not include VAT or delivery.

All measurements below are from hole to hole (of boat). z
Cross stay
Material: Aluminium
Standard for Swift: yes
£ 5.00
Oth31-10: for mould 101 (approx. 313mm)
Oth31-11: for mould 102 (approx. 320mm)
Oth31-12: for mould 103 (approx. 328mm)
Oth31-13: for mould 104 (approx. 343mm)
Oth31-15: for mould 105 (approx. 341mm)
Oth31-16: for mould 106 (approx. 366mm)
Oth31-17: for mould 107 (approx. 325mm)