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Boat & Oar racking - Vertical oar rack parts

All prices are for units of 1 piece, except where stated otherwise.
Prices are in GBP£ and do not include VAT or delivery.

Prod # Product description Price Qty
Vor-up upright for A frame (3000mm [118"]) 47.74
Vor-dia diagonal for A frame + "bolt 3" 50.60
Vor-con connector for A frame + "bolt 1" 34.20
Choose the length of cross stays depending upon how many oars you want to store, and how much space you have.
Vor-mxstay140 main cross stay (1,400mm [55"]) + "bolt 1" 35.55
Vor-mxstay200 main cross stay (2,000mm [79"]) + "bolt 1" 43.05
Vor-xstay140 1400mm (55") cross stay for vertical and horizontal oar racks + "bolt 1" 22.45
Vor-xstay200 2000mm (79") cross stay for vertical and horizontal oar racks + "bolt 1" 27.15
If you want to store 9 sets of oars, you will need 10 arms and back plates.
Vor-arm1-900 900mm (35.5") arm with extruded rubber top + "bolt 1" 37.95
Vor-bplate back plate for arm 1.50
Vertical oar racks cannot be supplied with wheels. If the boathouse floor is not level you can use our 2mm shims, or your own.
Vor-shim 2mm (1/12") shim to level floor, when not used with wheels, powder painted 1.50