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Covers - Rigger covers

All prices are for units of 1 piece, except where stated otherwise.
Prices are in GBP£ and do not include VAT or delivery.

New wing rigger covers are light grey. Gig wing riggers have orange trim. 1s, 2s, 4s wing riggers have white trim. 8x+ and 8+ wing riggers have red trim
Scull rigger covers
Rigger cover
Rigger cover
(Wing rigger/scull)
Material: Nylon
£ 28.00
RC/Sc1/2/4, for 1x, 2x and 4x
RC/Sc8, for 8x
RC/ScGig, for Gigs (scull)
Sweep rigger covers
Rigger cover
Rigger cover
(Wing rigger/sweep)
Material: Nylon
£ 22.00
RC/Sw2/4b, for 2-, 4- and 4+ bowside
RC/Sw2/4s, for 2-, 4- and 4+ strokeside
RC/Sw8b, for 8+ bowside
RC/Sw8s, for 8+ strokeside
RC/Sw Gigb, for Gig bowside
RC/Sw Gigs, for Gig strokeside
Backstay covers
Backstay cover up to 95cm
Material: Nylon

£ 5.95
Backstay cover up to 105cm
Material: Nylon

£ 6.80