Freedom boats

"Freedom" is the name of Swift's range of boats that are not designed for conventional Olympic style racing.  This is a very appropriate name as it includes our para, recreational, open water and touring boats, all of which give the rower the freedom to do what they want.

The 1x and 2x/- are based on FISA’s designs for para boats, and these are very popular, not only with para rowers, but also with clubs and individuals, for a wide range of uses, such as;
  • Recreational rowing.
  • Teaching beginners.
  • Training in open water, or rough conditions when a more stable boat is needed.
  • Giving all levels of athletes a great physical workout in a relatively stable environment.
The Touring Gig 4+ and 2+ complete the range of Freedom boats and offer the added feature of conversion to 5x and 3x format. These are the same shapes as those already popular in Europe.

Features common to all Freedom boats;

  • Choice of Elite with honeycomb core hull or Club A and Club B, both of which are sandwich construction, using Lantor coremat.
  • Same high quality fittings as the racing boats.
  • Fully enclosed bow, stern, and cockpit, for maximum buoyancy.
  • Choice of stretcher with flexfoot or shoes.