Why make a 10+?

Training at a rate or cadence above your competition level is a well known, tried and proven method to improve performance. It happens in many sports, the most obvious is sprinting downhill. It also happens in rowing, when a crew trains for short periods, such as 500m, at above their 2000m race pace, and can also be done over race distance, by training in a faster boat type.
This is why some coaches have their 1x athletes train in a 2x, their 2x athletes train in a 4x, and so on. However, there was no way to do this for 8+, until now!

How to make a 10+?

For 2 of our 8s moulds (805 and 806, which covers crew weights from 70kg to 100kg), we have built moulds for 2 man sections.
The resulting pieces follow the lines of the original 8s for a smooth ride, and fit seamlessly between the 2 sections of normal 8s from these 2 moulds.

How much for a 10+?

Prices for these sections are shown on the price page. Please note that by removing the 2 man section, the 10+ becomes again a normal racing 8+.

Drawing of 10men boats

Take your performance to the next level with a Swift 10+!