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Swift Racing - Sculling Oars

Swift Racing - Sculling Oars

Swift Racing sculling oars are designed to deliver optimum performance while being easy to use and fully reliable – helping to make your boat go faster, for less.

High Performance Oars - An ultra-light oar with 95% carbon / 5% glass-fibre shaft, designed for elite scullers and those looking for the lightest specification.
Price: £550/pair (incl VAT)

Club Performance Oars - A 70% carbon / 30% glass-fibre shaft, perfect for club-level competition and training.
Price: £450/pair (incl VAT)

Recreational Oars - have shafts with 40% carbon/60% glass-fibre, and have about 20% more flex than Club Performance oars (they are around 70g heavier per oar). They are therefore ideal for young beginners and casual and recreational rowers.
Price: £395/pair (incl VAT)

Para & Cadet Oars – Come in 3 different lengths (Long, Medium and Short) and two different grades – Club Performance (70% carbon shaft) and Recreational (40% carbon shaft), to provide options for individual rower needs and abilities. Prices as above.

Coastal Oars - The newest addition to the range, Swift Racing has developed our new Coastal oars (65% carbon shaft) to have the strength and durability needed to cope with coastal rowing’s mix of extreme conditions - turbulent winds, rough water, contact with debris, collisions with other boats and buoys, to name a few. 
Swift Racing coastal oars have the toughness rowers need to ensure they have the edge, in all conditions.
Price: £470/pair (incl VAT)

Each type of oar comes with a choice of handles and rubber grip sizes, giving you the best possible levels of grip, hand-fit and finger positioning.

Designed to Perform

The Swift Racing cleaver ‘SmoothA2’ blade is designed to give you the optimum combination of quick catches, reduced blade slippage, even load and smooth finishes. They also come with edge protectors, to prolong the life of your blades. Traditional Macon style blades are also available.

Swift Racing High Performance, Club Performance and Recreational sculling oars come in two adjustable length ranges (283-289cm and 286-292cm) to suit all levels and abilities. We can also supply shorter length oars for our Para and Cadet boats. All oar shafts are of medium stiffness for the best combination of flex and ease-of-use.

Swift Racing sculling oars are made in Swift Racing’s own factory, using their in-house expertise in the latest composite manufacturing techniques.

All oars come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, to give you full peace of mind.

To discuss and order your ideal Swift Racing sculling oars please contact us HERE

or add a ‘Sculling Oars enquiry’ to your spares order HERE and we will contact you soon.

You can also email us at enquiries@rowingcentre.co.uk or call us on 01582 872338.

See supporting files below to download Specs & Prices and Guidance notes.

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Reasons Why

4 Reasons to use Swift Racing Sculling Oars:

  1. Highly cost-effective option to other brands, whilst using the same manufacturing processes.
  2. 3 different grades, to provide options for competition, training/club level competition and recreational use.
  3. Choice of handles and rubber grip sizes, to give the best possible levels of grip, hand-fit and finger positioning.
  4. Choice of traditional macon or ‘Smooth A2’ designs, adjustable length ranges, different composite materials, for all rowing environments.