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Boat and oar racking from Rowing Centre UK has been installed in boathouses and at rowing venues across the country, from small local clubs to large water sports centres.

Using our 20 years of experience of design, fabrication and installation we offer a full racking design and layout service for all types of boats from fine racing shells to kayaks and coastal boats.

We offer consultancy and advice to help you to understand how best your boats and equipment can be stored, taking into account entry points, boathouse size, ceiling heights, boat and rigger dimensions, flood potential and any unique challenges your boathouse may have.

If you are planning a new boathouse, redesigning an existing boathouse or wish to replace your current racking with higher quality racking that protects your boats from damage, please contact us at the earliest design stage possible so that we can help you maximise efficient use of your space.

Our racking systems are designed to be strong and long-lasting. Using heavy duty strong galvanized steel with rubber Topped arms means they are completely protected for indoor or outdoor use.


Rowing Centre UK also offers a full installation service. If you would prefer to undertake your own installation we can provide advice and you can use our online shop to buy components, tools and materials direct. 

For advice on the most appropriate solution for your rowing club, contact us here.

You can also email us at enquiries@rowingcentre.co.uk or call us on 01582 872338.

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