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Trestles - Small (Pair) - ALUMINIUM

Part Code: tre61cma

Trestles - Small (Pair) - ALUMINIUM image
  • Foldable aluminium trestles (slings) for 1s and 2s (each set includes a pair of trestles)

    Material: aluminium (approx weight per trestle: 2kg)

    When the canvas on your Swift trestles (slings) has become worn, or damaged, they can be replaced with Tre61can (for small trestles) and Tre86can (for large trestles).

  • approximate dimensions


    H-70cm W-50cm Depth-44cm (bottom of canvas/sling to ground-47cm)


    H-80cm W-50cm Depth-15cm

    Approx weight (per trestle): 2kg

    Width of canvas/sling: 76cm (Part code: Tre81can)

£75.00 (excl. VAT)

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